Book Review: Popular Music from Vittula

Popular Music from Vittula
Popular Music from Vittula by Mikael Niemi
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Try to picture yourself a small village in the North-East part of Sweden (close to Finland) in the years 1960 to 1970. A village that consists of people who doesn’t feel like “true” Swedish and are original in their own way. This is book is a blast!

It is Mikael Niemi début novel and may seem like an autobiography. The story focus on Matti and his friend Niila who live in Tornedalen in Northern Sweden. It is during the 1960 when Rock’n Roll music is finally taking over and affecting people’s behavior (in good and bad). The story follows Matti and Niila throughout the childhood and gives a really funny reflection on how it was to live and grow up in an isolated village. The book is full of funny stories and as you follow Matti and Niila until they are in the end of their teenager years, you can see how the village has changed and not changed at the same time. Both Matti and Niila are introduced to music by receiving a Beatles Vinyl, the result being they are starting their own band. With this band new stories unfolds, along with the focus on the opposite sex.

If you need a book to make you laugh, search no further!

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Summary of Week 48 – Cold!

Back in Norway now can’t really brag about last week training as I only managed to fit in one session. Had no motivation what so ever, meaning I focused on the easier parts such as arms and shoulders. My shoulder is getting better, but I will not increase the lifts for the next month or so. Just want to make sure I don’t get another setback. I went flew home on Wednesday and is still struggling from jet-lag, meaning I didn’t bother to go to the gym in the weekend. This week I use as “deload” in order to avoid getting too sore. I also managed to catch a cold, which made flying a nightmare.

Went on the scale today and it showed 103kg, meaning I have dropped 2kg while I was down there. I was hoping being able to maintain the weight, but now it seems I have to do a mini-bulk to get back where I want to be. Haven’t decided if I should drop down to 100kg and if I do, I want to start in end of January. I started the last cut in January and that worked well. Other than that, December will be a busy month so I might cut back on the lifting and do some cardio.

Arms & Shoulders

Significant change requires significant struggle!

Desktop Blogging Program

I have actually never bothered to look more into using a desktop software to write blog posts. Back in the days (meaning a few years ago) I used Windows Live Writer in as a blog post writer, but for some reason I stopped. As of late I have searched the internet to see if there are any other software programs out there, but what I have learnt so far is that if you are running a windows computer, you are better off by using the Live Writer. And that’s what I am doing now, mostly to check out how this post will actually look like.

The internet pages I was using as a reference in order to check other blogging programs was this one and this one. I guess both sites conclude that you should only use a desktop progra, if you are a very frequent blogger, or have multiple blogs. I get the points, but using a desktop version definitely has its benefits, especially if you want to add photos, use bullet points, tables and tweak around the text somewhat. You have very limited options on the “web version”. Another cool feature with Live Writer is that you can add extensions in order to make certain things way easier, such as tags generation, screen capture, map insertion and so on.

You can also work offline and schedule posts for later, this is something I usually do and makes blogging so much easier. You write when you have time and make a schedule of when posts should appear. I usually have a few posts in the line to keep the blog “alive” Thumbs up (had to check the emoticon plugin Winking smile). Your posts will be stored on the computer, meaning that you can open a published post and edit it from the Live Writer. Very useful if there is a sticky post that you update on a regular basis.

OK, so now I tried the tags generator and of course I got a system error Steaming mad


Of course I got an error!

I have actually tried several times to get this extension to work, but it wont. What I did like however, was how easy it was to snip a print screen and add it in to the post. Moreover, there are several other useful tools to play around with the image when you have put it in the post.

Not to make this post too long, I can make a short summary with the ups and downs. I will most likely install one of the other programs as well, just to check them out.


  • Text editing is way easier with fonts, paragraphs, tables, etc.
  • Image editing is much easier (guess the same applies for videos too)
  • You can schedule posts more easily as you don’t require internet connection and you can easily edit already published posts
  • Some cool extension, even though tags generator doesn’t seem to work
  • Much easier and smoother interface than from the web version
  • You can also create blog pages!


  • The preview doesn’t always work and is theme dependant. This means you will have to post it as draft to web and preview it there
  • Live Writer is from 2012 and it seems they are not going to update it.
  • You can’t use the different post formats the different themes comes with
  • The “copy post” function from web doesn’t work. This is useful if you are making, i.e workout log each week with the same setup

Anything is possible, the impossible only requires a little more time and effort – My Aunt

Attitude is Everything!

There are several good comic strips out there in newspaper that are quite funny and even can be reminder of how we should try to be or not to be. This strip from “Peanuts” is one of my favorites!


You can choose what you do, but you can’t choose what you like to do